July 15, 2024
Chirag Khanna and Varun Shringarpure presented this topic at Sitecore SUGCON India 2023. This blog is talking about the experience and the feedback.

Hello Sitecore Family,

This year, Chirag Khanna and I presented on a Topic at Sitecore SUGCON India 2023 on the topic.

Here was the initial brief that we had shared with Organizers team to present: https://sessionize.com/s/varun-shringarpure/providing-connected-experiences-using-sitecore-xm-/73159

We built the application taking Sitecore XM, Sitecore CDP and Personalize. We has submitted the topic under and Advanced section, so we wanted to present as many real world use cases as possible, showing the power of Sitecore’s Composable DXP.

We started with Total Basics — if Why Personalize for any user for that matter!

We touched upon the fact – that If Content is the KING, Context is certainly the Queen! And delivering tailored experiences at the right time is the key difference between simple personalization and a connected experience.

The initial part of the session, was to provide detailing, into the basics of Sitecore CDP and Personalize, the terminologies and concepts so that we can utilize that during our use case demos!

Here are some of the glimpses of what we utilized in the Sitecore CDP and Personalize for our Demo in no particular Order:

  • Experiences – Both Full Stack and Web
  • Offers
  • GeoLocation Service of Sitecore CDP.
  • Custom Guest Properties
  • Engage Library SDKs
  • Audience Sync
  • Triggered Experience — usage to collect points on Sign Out

A decision Model we used in one of our Use Cases

A Decision table we created for the use case

Here is the PPT which we presented, hopefully it provides insights and details into our session:

The session was recorded, it will soon be available on the Sitecore SUGCON YouTube Channel.

The overall feedback from the audience was super positive:

  • We had kept 10 minutes for questions, but the questions kept flowing, and we continued with them even after we went off the stage.
  • Lot of questions were asked on implementation approaches. There were a number of questions which suggested, that they had a good insight into their own implementations. This meant, they might have got an alternative to their current implementation, which was nice for us to know.
  • Some said, your presentation should have been on Day 1, before any CDP Session.
  • Some said, great content, can you deep dive into the session focusing on Basic concepts in one, and Advanced in second — this was a great feedback. We will present in some user group soon. 🙂
  • A lot of Sugcon attendees connected on the Horizontal Booth after our session.
  • A few of them also connected with us on LinkedIn and Sitecore Community Slack, for assistance and we were happy to help!

One thing, which Chirag and I were the most satisfied with, was that we were able to add value, to the 45 minutes which the audience had invested in our session.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending our session and providing the feedback! Your presence gave us the courage to present well and your feedback has energized us to present at a User Group!

Yes, Chirag and I are going to present on 19th of Sept at Sitecore UserGroup Columbus on the Basics topic – Sitecore Smart Hub CDP from the Lens of a Beginner!

Happy Sitecoring and Happy Sharing the Sitecore Knowledge back to the Community! 🙂

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