July 15, 2024
Chirag Khanna and I presented on the topic Implementing Sitecore Smart Hub CDP in XM Sitecore Headless App at Sitecore UserGroup Columbus. This was an Advanced session with Use case Demos of using Sitecore CDP and Personalize

Dear Sitecore Family!

As you already know, Chirag Khanna and I presented on SUG Columbus a couple of months earlier. It was a session on Basics of Sitecore CDP and Personalize. It talked about the basic terminologies and introduction to Sitecore CDP and Personalize. This was technically a groundwork, for our Advanced Level Session. In case you missed it, here is the link: Sitecore Smart Hub CDP from the lens of a Beginner

This session, was about use cases and Implementing Sitecore CDP and Personalize. Now, let me be clear the thought with this session was about the different ways in which implementations are possible. By no ways, it says that is the only way or the best way.

During the presentation, we had a few questions from the attendees. The ask from a Sitecore Architect was why do we put the content in Experience of Sitecore Personalize, and not in Sitecore XM. Well, the idea was to show, that there is a possibility of both ways – either in a Experience in Personalize or in Sitecore XM.

To make the Session more interactive, Chirag assumed the identity of an Implementation Technology leader, while I assumed the identity of a Marketing Business Leader. The session showcased various use cases  that can readily be applied in real-world scenarios for customers. Importantly, how Sitecore’s Composable platform can be harnessed to achieve these objectives.

Our focus was on implementing Sitecore Smart Hub CDP in a Next JS App deployed on Vercel, and connected to Sitecore XM instance. We saw the use of Stream APIs and Engage Libraries to facilitate Server-side integration between Sitecore and CDP to fetch the experience results and displayed on the website.

We looked at Full Stack Experience in action!

And we looked Web Experiences in action!

The thought was to give an idea of what should be used when, while implementing it for a Customer. Furthermore, we illustrated how engagement value for a given end user can be collected in CDP, over the course of time, particularly as the user visits the website multiple times. This was achieved through the use of extension properties of the user and creation of Personas with the help of Batch Segmentation. We saw the use CDP Webhooks to update the Extension properties and Decision Models and showed the Persona responses on the website.

We explored how to leverage end user profile data residing in CDP by configuring tokens in Sitecore and retrieving their values using the Web Experience in the headless website.

I will be adding the Link to the YouTube video recording soon!

<updated 24th Nov 2023>

Here is the link to the YouTube video:

<updated 24th Nov 2023>

Thank you Maulik Darji and Himadri Chakrabarti for the opportunity to present at SUG Columbus. It takes a lot of pains to organize these events, and appreciate the continuity you have at SUG Columbus.

Happy Sitecoring, Happy Learning and Happy Sharing! 🙂

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