July 15, 2024

Publish, Publishing….. Published!

Well, with Sitecore, we all talk of publishing.. but what is publishing?

Well lets know about it today.

Content Authors generally work on a server called the Content Management Server (CM Server) and their changes are saved in the Master Database.

While the website/s they have built are visible to the outside world from a server called the Content Delivery Server (CD Server) or the Front-end Server and are available on the Web Database.

Now, when we publish, the content from Master database moves to the Web Database. Thus the changes made by the content authors are visible on the website/s to the outside world.

There are in all three modes of publishing:

1. Incremental Publish

2. Smart Publish

3. System Publish (Publish Site)

This is just a brief about Sitecore Publishing.


Jimmi Lyhne Andersen has written a superb post on publishing.

So for more details please refer to the following link  : Publishing

Kiran Patil has given simple yet effective details on modes of publishing and differences between them.

So for more details please refer to the following link :   Publishing Modes

Happy Publishing and Happy Sitecoring! 🙂

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