July 15, 2024

Hey friends!

Sitecore has provided many switches and settings to make and keep it manageable and maintainable.

Give me a chance to introduce you to once such setting  — Frequency.

It is a setting present in the Web.config of Sitecore, rather a Tag present at the beginning of the Scheduling Tag.

It takes a normal time format — hh:mm:ss

What does Frequency do?

Well, Frequency is a setting to take care of the agents that are running in the Sitecore instance. It specifically takes into consideration the Minimum Frequency at which any agent will run.

The default value of Frequency in Web.config is 5 minutes.

Consider a case, where you set the interval of any scheduled agent to be 1 minute…. Then, what happens is you will wait for 5 minutes in this case checking the Sitecore logs frequently… rather impatiently and wondering what happened to my agent..  Why did it not execute?  I hope my logic is right?   🙁

But forget to update the frequency, the agent will run only at the end of 5 minutes rather than 1 minute. 🙂

To try out, you can update the interval of any Sitecore agent and update frequency as per your wish!

Check it out!

Its Simple, effective and well managed!

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂

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