April 17, 2024

Hello Sitecore Lovers,

We recently upgraded our Sitecore Solution from 6.3.1 to 6.4.1 Update – 6. And man! Must say Sitecore 6.4.1 is Superb!

Page Editor looks truly professional and some very nice overall improvements to the instance.

Here we are to talk about one of those — called the Layout Deltas.

So what is Layout Deltas?

In brief, Layout Deltas is a way of storing the delta (change) in the values of an item in comparison to its template.


1. Setting Layout and Renderings in the Presentation Details of the Standard Values of a Template.

2. Creating Items from that template.

Everytime, an item is called/rendered on page, its presentation details will be referred to from its Template.

  • Now, in case we make some changes in presentation details of the items, then they are stored as changes from the original templates — as Deltas — and not as all the presentation details for the item.
  • So now, whenever that item is called/rendered on page, presentation details of the template standard values are referred to, and then what is called is the Delta Section — thus making the complete item and its Layouts and Renderings available.
  • Again, you make any changes to the Standard values of the template, and those changes are reflected in the items made from these templates. — Cool Yea?

Well, this is what Layout Deltas is all about!

  • Referring to the Layout and Renderings placed in the Standard values of Templates (instead of the items which was the case in previous versions of Sitecore) — so that if any changes are made to the templates, they are
  • In case specific changes made to specific items, not all details of Layouts and Renderings are stored there — but only the changes, the Delta is stored!

So what was the case in Sitecore versions before 6.4 was introduced or before Layout Deltas came into Existence?

[Updated]The inheritance of those items that were updated — some changes made in presentation details — was broken from the standard values of its templates. So further, if you made any changes to the standard values of those templates, you had two cases.[/Updated]

Lets understand with an example what those two cases were.

In case you made a template say A, and made some N items from them, now you need to make some change to the templates — say additional fields or removal of some fields on change of requirement — then you had two ways of dealing with it:

  1. Making changes to all those items one after the other where in you made a specific change or RESET the layout details from the Presentation Tab for all these items– A very tedious job! πŸ™ [Updated]>> RESET : which will set the layout details of standard value you will not find rederings which you have added explicitly on item[/Updated]
  2. Making a new template B with those changes in comparison to the previous template A, and change template of all those N items from A to B. — a bit less tedious in comparison to the previous one, but obviously introduces redundancy in your instance! [Updated]Β OR the best way is to update standard value of item instead of changing item layout.. which will keep you item sync with template[/Updated]
[Updated]In the above cases considered, one thing was very sure, that it happens only with those items whose presentation details you have specifically changed![/Updated]

So we can say that Layout Deltas is a pretty much required functionality for our Sitecore Instances.

Sincere thanks to my Friend NIMIT PATEL to let me know that previously, it was giving some wrong meaning, and help me correct those things, you find in the Updated Sections



Hope you all enjoyed the post!

Happy Sitecoring and Happy Layout Deltaing!

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