April 17, 2024

My dear Sitecore Family,

I was working on this document since a very long time, changed small things multiple times, added new sections almost every time and updated the flow-charts to make them as much easy to understand as possible.

This is a Whitepaper on Sitecore Version Upgrade – a whole and sole document that can help all of us to understand what Sitecore Version Upgrade is and why it is required and how can we do it. It covers a number of questions that I have found different developers asking each other either in a meeting or on Forums as well as a number of learnings that our team gained, while upgrading our Sitecore Solution.


So my dear friends, here’s the Document for all of you! Yes YOU!! — The Sitecore Version Upgrade Whitepaper


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One small request to each and every reader who refers to this document, to kindly give your honest review and let me know if there are any mistakes.  Also, it would be nice to improve this document further, by adding some more learnings or scenarios that any of you might like to share! I would be happy to discuss it out with you and would incorporate it in this document.

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sitecore Version Upgrade – Whitepaper

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing such a detailed article.You have almost touched all the areas where we have to take care while migrating the sitecore project.It’s really helpful.Keep up the good work

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