July 15, 2024

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Today, lets discuss about making the Business User journey smoother with Sitecore, while working with their own Website.


When the properties Dialog opens and the Business User clicks on the Datasource, he/she is kind of lost in the Sitecore Content Tree. Can there be a way to get to the specific content?


Well, the answer is yes, as it is Sitecore!

How do we get it done?

Lets take an example of Launch Sitecore Site to understand the scenario. Currently considering the Carousel Rendering. In every presentation component, we have a field called Datasource Location

By default, its empty. So whenever we go to the Page Editor and try adding the Datasource, we get the Content Tree starting with Content.


Now, lets add a Datasource Location and see what happens.

As Sitecore has done, lets add the following Location as a Datasource:


of the field Datasource Location in Carousel


Now, whenever we go to the Page Editor and open the Properties Window or Set Associated content for the Carousel Component, it directly opens as follows:

When-Datasource-is-assignedVery useful right? Our Business Users don’t need to go and search for the Datasource in the whole content tree.

Hope you found the post useful!

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂

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