July 15, 2024

Hello Sitecore Family,

I and my colleague Vrushal Talegaonkar created a Sitecore Module called Sitecore Interactive Publish a couple of weeks ago.

This module, is mainly prepared keeping the Sitecore Business Users in our focus, but obviously is useful for all of us — whether a Business User, a Developer or an Administrator.

Inspiration for the Module: 

Whenever there are multiple users publishing simultaneously, and one publish job starts and the other users get a queued message in the publishing dialog. We thought, how nice would it be to add a table in the publishing status screen to show the current publishing job going on as well as other publishing related jobs and when would our queued job be taken up.
It would be good to have the current publishing job highlighted so that the user gets understands the status of his/her publishing job. Again, a situation, where business users are so busy working on Sitecore that they don’t want to wait for the Publish Dialog to show them the finished publishing message. So won’t it be nice, if in some way, we can show our users a Publish History.

This idea, led to the development of this module, and its live for all of you to use, comment upon, and even contribute to.

Oh, you exited about it? Want to know more about the module?

Sure, here you go!

Documentation: Sitecore Interactive Publish

Sitecore Marketplace: Sitecore Marketplace Module

Source code: GitHub

Sitecore Package: Take the latest Package from this location

One thing to mention, the Sitecore package is the quick and easy way to configure and check the Sitecore Interactive Publish. It contains both items and files (includes config and assembly) and hence it would restart your Sitecore instance once installed. Also, that this module is available for Sitecore 8 and above only. Refer to the Readme for more details on configuration.

Happy Sitecore Publishing using Sitecore Interactive Publish Module! 🙂

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