July 15, 2024

Dear All,

Recently, Sitecore announced their MVP Awards for 2016, and I think you would be happy to know, that your Sitecore Endeavor blog author – Varun Shringarpure – has been awarded Sitecore MVP 2016 – for second time in a row!


Firstly, thanks to my mentors, my guru Kiran Patil and Hardeep Bhamra without whom, this feat is impossible! Thanks to Horizontal India (Horizontal Integration) for having such a great culture, that we can feel energized to learn new things all the time and share it with everyone in the Sitecore Community — Thank you Sabin Sir!  Thank you Sitecore, for the award – it means a lot to me! Thanks to my Family, who allowed me to spend time on Sitecore stuff — as it made me happier — even during weekends, which otherwise I would have spent with them. And above all, a big thanks to the Sitecore community, thanks for reading the posts, commenting on it, discussing things offline on email, using my modules, giving feedback and in the end, recharging me to do more for the community! 🙂

After getting the Sitecore MVP Award last year, it was an awesome feeling and at the same time, I had decided to push myself further, and to share more and more with the community just hope I was able to do enough. This year again, I promise I would do more and try to help the community as much as possible.

A brief about Sitecore MVPs this year, there are in all 221 MVPs of 2016

Overview2016 Sitecore MVP awards

Congratulations to all the Sitecore MVPs!

Worth a read:


Sitecore MVPs 2016

Happy Sitecoring and Happy Sharing, because indeed Sharing is Caring! 🙂

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