April 17, 2024

Dear Sitecore Family,

This post is in continuation of the previous post. As it was getting very long, it would become un-interesting and hence I divided into two.

In case you missed the first post, you can check it out here.

For this, we can refer to the PXM Server Installation Guide. As the steps are pretty straight forward, I won’t be going into the details of these, but just state the actions.

This includes 3 main actions

  1. Installing Dashboard Server and InDesign Processing Service – which we can found here and ensure that the Dashboard WebService is running at the following port: http://localhost:8070/DashBoardWebService
  2. Configuring Changes in Sitecore PXM Config, Dashboard Service and Processing Service – as specified in the PXM Server Installation Guide.
  3. Next is Setting up the PXM Publishing Folder

For the third, basically there is already a folder created at the location: C:\PXMPublishing

Add the directory C:\PXMPublishing\PublishFolder as a virtual directory in IIS Manager Website, which is the PXM Sitecore instance.


Next, go to SDN and download a zip from APS (which is the previous version of PXM) – which has the exact configurations that a PXM Publishing folder should have. The link is :  https://sdn.sitecore.net/Products/Adaptive%20Print%20Studio/APS%201,-d-,4/Download/14_140929.aspx

Download the Zip APSPublishing.zip  – unzip it. It contains the exact required folder structure. It contains all folders and files that you need to be able to publish with InDesign Server and store files. Give full Control to Network Service at the parent location – PXMPublishing directory.

With this, the Installation and Configuration of the InDesign Server for Sitecore PXM is complete!

Important tip:

With the Virtual Folder available we can access the PDF File in the Publish Folder directly in browser. This is how you can do it:

My Sitecore instance name is scpxmpoc – so when i access a PDF File as


This is how it looks:


Happy Sitecore PXMing! 🙂

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