April 17, 2024

Dear Readers,

I was very excited to take a plunge to Sitecore Experience Commerce 9, after what I had heard at Sitecore Symposium last year. I always wanted to get onto it and what better place to start, than Sitecore’s own course on Introduction.

If you are the one who hasn’t taken the Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 course and are in a dilemma of whether to go ahead or not, or, if you are the one, who is thinking about taking it but haven’t taken it as yet then this post is for you!

So I recently completed the Sitecore Experience Commerce 100 course, and I must say, this is THE BEST place to start your journey to Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.

The first course in a series of three, the course Sitecore Experience Commerce 100 is all about Basics of Commerce and sets a great stage for the upcoming Courses in the series. The Course gives us insights into usual Commerce Terminologies and at the same time helps us identify how that happens in Sitecore.

This Course consists of four modules as follows:

  • Getting Familiar with Sitecore® Experience Commerce™
  • Managing the Catalog
  • Tracking Customers and Their Orders
  • Increasing Sales with Marketing

I must thank my company Horizontal Integration, who gave me Coupons for Sitecore Commerce courses, that helped me achieve this.

And I am sure you will agree, that it feels good to achieve the certificate for completing the course!

In case you have questions about where to find this course, how to complete it etc. — Go to Sitecore E-learning Website and in case you haven’t signed up yet, Sign up and search for the Course Sitecore Commerce Experience 100 in the Search Bar at the top, you will find one in the results.

Next, Go and Add it to your cart. In case your employer has a Partner Coupon code use it while checking out and then, just go through the amazing modules that Sitecore has provided for Getting Started with Sitecore Experience Commerce!

Happy Sitecore Commercing! 🙂

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