July 15, 2024

Damn Again!

Yes, I am sure you will the same response, like if you had Sitecore Analytics issues, you fixed it and it reappeared!

In the previous post, regarding Sitecore Analytics Issues, we saw how the certificate created issues for us.

Here, we were up with a new challenge. Let’s look at it.


Oh well, we know what it is. Sitecore Analytics was working previously and now it has stopped working!

We revisited things like:

  1. Checking Certificate Thumbprints
  2. Checking XConnect
  3. And what not!

After checking everything and confirming that everything was set as it should be, we started with the basics – because as my Mentor and Dear Friend Kiran Patil says – Stick to Basics, because a Basic always Works!

We setup a Plain Sitecore Instance on the same machine and checked if the Analytics was working!

Yes it was.

Next, we started adding all the configuration files of our project. Basically, here we wanted the Analytics to STOP working, so that we can finally figure out the culprit.

We added files Section wise – and did IISReset to recycle the App Pool and refreshed the Launchpad to see if the graph disappeared – because we were so eager to stop it again.

We replaced one section of the Include Folder, then the second, then the next – and eventually, every folder!

What now?

Last but not the least, we replaced the Web.Config of the solution and to our surprise (and it was a happy moment), it was the Web.Config that disabled the Analytics.

Now, we knew what to check – We compared the Sitecore Plain 9.1 instance Web.Config with the Project specific Web.Config.

There were a few changes, but, One out of them stood to be the most probable reason for the Sitecore Analytics issue – A Client Proxy!

[code language=”xml”]

<proxy proxyaddress="http://someclientproxy.com" bypassonlocal="true" />



Now, our Architecture was somewhat like Semi-Scaled – basically Sitecore Single with Sitecore and XConnect on two different machines.

And then, the XConnect URL – sc91.xconnect – was going out of the Server.

To confirm that the Proxy was the issue in getting Analytics running, we removed the Proxy and did App Pool recycle. Sitecore Analytics started working. And when we added it back, it stopped again.

Now, to have all the application specific functionalities running, obviously we need the PROXY and we also need the Sitecore Analytics to work, so what to do.


We added an entry of the XConnect URL to the bypasslist to the Proxy and it worked.

[code language=”xml”]

<proxy  proxyaddress="http://someclientproxy.com" bypassonlocal="true" />
<add address="sc91.xconnect"/>


Some helpful References:


Kiran Patil

Happy Troubleshooting! 🙂


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