July 15, 2024

Dear Sitecore Lovers,

So, this was one which we faced when we moved to our PROD Environment with our code and suddenly found that our functionalities that linked to posting information to SalesForce had suddenly stopped.

Hmm, funny! We didn’t change any code and everything works fine in lower environments till Stage, then what’s the problem with PROD?

Challenge: Functionalities linking to posting contact data to SalesForce stopped working

We use FuseIT for in our solution, for submitting data to SalesForce, so we thought of checking that as well.

As usual – Sitecore Log entries came to our rescue!

We found an entry in our Log files as a Debug Entry:

FuseIT.Sitecore.Salesforce.Licensing – Config Domain Key [X] is _NOT_ applicable to generated Key [Y] for hostname

This looked like something to be checked. Hence, I checked this online, and there it was: https://fuseit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213428986-After-licensing-S4S-still-has-licensing-errors

We contacted the FuseIT Team – with this link and they agreed


Now, here is the thing.

We went ahead with a Sitecore Upgrade as a Migration from old environment to new environment. What it means is we had new URL for the new Prod environment temporarily. And later, when we make this as the live environment, it will fallback (after the DNS Switch) to the actual URL.

For the lower environments, we were connecting using our Sandbox environments, so the URL differences didnt come into the picture, but when a different URL was found for PROD, the data posting to SalesForce stopped.

So the point in FUSEIT documentation pointed us to the solution:

We contacted the FuseIT Team and got the updated license with the currently temporary URL added to it and now when we tried, everything worked as expected!

Thanks to FuseIT Team, for logging and maintaining  a nice documentation for such issues.



Happy Sitecoring and Happy Troubleshooting! 🙂

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