July 15, 2024

The previous article we discussed regarding Log Parser. Here, lets have some brief info on Log Parser Lizard.

Log Parser is indeed a very powerful tool, but it being command-line, there are some disadvantages as compared to a tool having GUI Support. Again, some geeks love to work with command line, obviously, but then why to put in unnecessary effort, when you can get help from the UI 😉

Well, Log Parser Lizard is a very intuitive GUI Tool for parsing various types of logs, and it uses Log Parser 2.2 as its back-end.  So the results which you get in Log Parser, you will get in Log Parser Lizard, with some add-on benefits which I will talk about soon. Another advantage is majority of its functionality can be used for free.. 😀

Now that word make us happy right?

And in case you wanna have its complete functionality, then you can avail the same at a very nominal cost.

Benefits of Log Parser Lizard:

The first thing which comes in mind is why should I use Log Parser Lizard (which uses Log Parser as back-end) instead of directly using the Log Parser.

  1. Its providing us with a GUI Support.
  2. As it is using Log Parser as its back-end, we are in no way losing the Power and Functionality of Log Parser.
  3. In case of Log Parser, we have to have an output in a file and in case the results are not satisfactory, you have to generate multiple such files. But, in case of Log Parser Lizard, we can have intermediate results present in the GUI directly. Hence, we can have a look at all the results generated by queries, and export it to a file, just in case the results are satisfactory.
  4. In case of Log Parser, we need to remember the queries or save it somewhere in a text file or pads to avoid rework. But in case of Log Parser Lizard, we can save queries directly in Log Parser Lizard UI and then recall the query directly whenever required.

How to use:

Firstly, open the Log Parser Lizard. The highlighted portion shows the Home Tab specifically in case you wanna define new query….

The screen when we open Log Parser Lizard.

Next, in case you want to execute an already saved query, you may find it in this area..

The Area where you can find your previously saved query.

The above section also consists of a basic set of queries already defined.. Wow! nice.. You can use the same queries and override it to your specific requirement… Cool isn’t it? 😉

The next comes the Query Section.. The area where you write/edit the Query to get required results…

Query Section

Next comes the area where you can execute the query, or make changes for intermediate results like display chart in results or not. It also gives you an option of saving the query.

Settings For Executing Query

Next comes the part where the intermediate results are available for display. The biggest advantage comes here.. In case of Log Parser, we executed a query and had some results in some file. we checked it and then found that some changes are required… Again, execute and have it in new file.

But in case of Log Parser Lizard, have the results of your queries in intermediate results area, make changes to it, have the finally required results by making changes there… and then have it in a file just once.. 🙂

Also, there may be cases, when you don’t want the results in a file, just wanna check it there and then its over.. again, it helps!

Area for Intermediate Results

Finally, in case you want the results in a file, then use the Tools Tab.

Save to a file

Just one thing, in case you are using the Free Version, Majority of the export is not available to you.. 🙁  Like the Export to Excel, or Export to PDF. But still, in Free version you can export to CSV File using the Log Parser Export option, in the following way:

Export to CSV file

Truly simple! Isn’t it?

I must say that Log Parser Lizard has made my job truly simple  not only helping me building specific or high level queries, but also reducing the effort to write it again and again and exporting it whenever required.

And also not to forget that the power of Log Parser is always with you as it is the main Query Engine for Log Parser Lizard.


Must say… Lizard Labs rocks! 🙂

Happy Log Parsing!!

4 thoughts on “Log Parser Lizard

  1. I have been working with Log Parser. But never searched for a user interface enabled tool for it.

    This seems to be a good one!

    1. Yes Rahul!
      Its really Cool!

      Try it out.. You will surely realize the difference.. The ease of usage along with the same powerful functionality of Log Parser! 🙂
      Happy log Parsing!

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