June 12, 2024

Dear All,

I was asked this questions my a few of the members of community over Twitter as well as by my colleague Shreya Jain (she blogs on Sitecore Amateurs) had the same questions.

So here are the locations where you need to Update the Thumbprint of XConnect Certificate, in case you decide to change it:

  • Sitecore XConnect
    • AppSettings.config
      • Key – validateCertificateThumbprint
  • Marketing Automation Service
    • ConnectionStrings.config
      • Name – xconnect.collection.certificate
  • Search Indexer
    • None
  • Processing Engine
    • ConnectionStrings.config
      • Name – xconnect.collection.certificate
      • Name – xconnect.configuration.certificate
      • Name – xconnect.search.certificate
  • Sitecore Instance
    • ConnectionStrings.Config
      • Name – sitecore.reporting.client.certificate
      • Name – xconnect.collection.certificate
      • Name – xdb.marketingautomation.operations.client.certificate
      • Name – xdb.marketingautomation.reporting.client.certificate
      • Name – xdb.referencedata.client.certificate


The logic I see here from the above list of locations, is that because the certificate is that of XConnect, hence, the Thumbprint in XConnect instance is in AppSettings, while as other pieces/applications, it is in connectionstrings as those apps needs to connect with XConnect.

Hope this helps.

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sitecore 9.1 – Locations of XConnect Certificate Thumbprint

  1. cool summary!
    If you’re on azure, keep in mind you also need to need to change/add the app setting “WEBSITE_LOAD_CERTIFICATES” to the thumbprint of the certificate in the app services that connect to XC, and in SSL Settings you need to set “Incoming client certificates” to true in XC.

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