July 15, 2024
As a part of a Cross-Training activity at Horizontal, I presented on a topic of Sitecore Placeholders. I thought of sharing the presentation with Sitecore Community, so that it could help anyone who is starting off on Sitecore, as it is a part of basics. Also, for all those who already know Sitecore, this could prove to be a refresher.

Dear Sitecore Lovers,

How are you all doing? I hope you too are learning new things daily! Well, not just that I hope you are sharing knowledge with everyone, because that is as important – or even more important – than learning new things daily.

We, at Horizontal Digital, consider learning and training as our duty. We have an amazing culture at Horizontal. I have heard, that with the paradigm shift of Sitecore, some implementation partners have made a change in their business strategy, by simply hiring Advanced JavaScript Framework folks, and down sizing their Sitecore Dev team. Not in the case with Horizontal though. Because, for Horizontal, its always been about the people. Our leaders are amazing! They think of ways and means, of how can we move forward cross-train the teams and grow them.

Well, as a part of this Cross-training, we have started training sessions where in we are training our FED team with Sitecore, while they are training us with React and Next.js. What a handshake!

We took the ownership of various Sitecore topics for our Front-end team members, and I landed on the topic of Sitecore Placeholders.

Here is the PDF Version of the PPT which I had prepared for the presentation.

<updated 20th Nov 2023>

I managed to get the recording of the session! I thought it will be much more beneficial to add it here, as it will help the community.

Here is the YouTube Link of the recording:

</updated 20th Nov 2023>


Cheers to Learning new things and growing stronger in your technical world!

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂

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