July 15, 2024

Hello Sitecore Community,

Here at Horizontal Digital, we are having Cross-Skilling in progress, where the Backend Development Team is learning the Advanced JavaScript Frameworks – React and Next.js while the Front-end Development Team is learning Sitecore.

As a part of this activity, I took one more session for the Front-end team, explaining Sitecore Config Patching, Load Order, and Troubleshooting and Debugging, in case the local Sitecore Environment is down.

To give a gist the Load Order in Sitecore, consider this:

  1. Sitecore is completely configuration Driven, and everything is configurable!
  2. Like any other ASP.NET Web application, the first file is Web.Config.
  3. Next comes a special file – Layers.Config
    • It controls the sequence of all the configurations
    • Sitecore Configs
    • Module Configs
    • Custom Configs
    • Environment Specific Configs
  4. By default, the loading of configuration files is Alphabetical, from a given folder to its inner folder.

When we want to see, what is the order of loading of the configuration files, we can check that using the URL: https://your-sitecore-cm-instance-url/sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx

I thought of sharing it with the community, in case it is helpful for anyone starting off with this topic, or for someone to quickly revise the topic who is already aware of it.

<updated 20th Nov 2023>

I managed to get the recording of the session! I thought it will be much more beneficial to add it here, as it will help the community.

Here is the YouTube Link of the recording:

</updated 20th Nov 2023>


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  3. Define the server role | Sitecore Documentation
  4. Rule-based configuration | Sitecore Documentation
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