April 17, 2024

Hello Friends!

Recently my blog got 1000 hits. And it is all thanks to all of you who have been referring to it on a very regular basis.

Thank you for all your visits, sharing and support.

A couple of things that motivate me to write articles on my blog  are the various comments and other requests…. Believe me when you get appreciation, it feels so exciting! I mean I can’t explain in words the feeling; the happiness when something written is helpful to others.

I can’t run away without giving thanks to the two guys who motivated me so much for blogging… without whom my dream of blogging would still have been a dream… These two techies are Kiran Patil and Vishwas Shrikhande. Both of them are my colleagues, I had wished/tried blogging some time before, a rather unsuccessful attempt to do it… and had almost lost confidence. But both them inspired me and helped me start  blogging again. Both of them have their own blogs, you can refer to them as follows:

Vishwas a real all-rounder, has a blog called the BeginnersWeb.in – a blog which he is maintaining almost for 3 years now and  gives all the recent updates on the web. (He invited me as a blogger there and I write nontechnical articles there, well not as many as vishwas writes.. 😉 )

Kiran a Technocrat, (and a Dotnet and Sitecore Architect according to me and many others with me) has  a couple of technical blogs — one on Dotnet and C# called kiranpatils and other on Sitecore called sitecorebasics.

Well, talking about my blog, it was a rather extremely surprising moment for me when I saw that I am to cross 1000 hits..

So, I took a screenshot, here it is…

Before 1000 Hits!

And then, after was the happy moment! 🙂

When it crossed 1000 hits!

Once again, Thanks to all those who got inspired and appreciated my work! Yes its to all my friends, readers, sharers and daily visitors!

Happy reading and Happy Sharing! 🙂

12 thoughts on “1000 Blog Hits and Growing!

  1. Good Job Champ!

    Thanks for the nice words! But we haven’t inspired you. We just introduced yourself to you! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    Happy Sharing! 🙂

    Kiran Patil

  2. Congrats Varun for the blog hits.. Yours is a really nice blog and it deserves even more hits. I liked application pool restarts and reading writing text files simultaneously the most of all your articles.. Keep writing such good stuff..

    1. Wow! Thanks for the lovely words Mahesh!
      And I am really very happy to know that you liked a couple of my articles.
      Thanks for referring to my humble Blog and for this comment.

      Keep Referring and Keep Sharing!
      Varun Shringarpure

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