July 15, 2024

My dear Sitecore Lovers,

Your very loved Sitecore Blog, gets a new name today – Sitecore Endeavor.

What? You have three questions in your mind – What, Why and How? Well, lets know more about it then.

What was the name previously? What is Endeavor? What is Sitecore Endeavor?

Previously, there was no particular name of the blog, it was simply called .Net Sitecore Blog. Endeavor means, an attempt to achieve a goal. Sitecore endeavor means, an attempt to achieve a goal, in the Sitecore Community.

How Sitecore Endeavor?

I thought a lot for a suitable name the blog.  After a lot of effort and discussion with my friends Muktesh Mehta and Sandeepkumar Gupta, the word Endeavor came to be worth it.

I thank Muktesh and Sandeep from the bottom of my heart to get us with a rightful name for the blog.

Why Sitecore Endeavor?

The reason I started blogging on Sitecore and Dotnet related stuff, was with an intention of sharing as much information as possible with various developers, about any issues I face and their solutions that I find on various forums or I try to get it myself. The reason was about sharing my experiences of working with various things, and to avoid DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) rule, for any other developer, because a Developer’s time is very precious!

Sitecore Endeavor is, my attempt to achieve a goal, specifically, my personal goal of sharing as much information about Sitecore that I have with the Sitecore Family!

Let’s all of us say,

Happy Sitecore Endeavoring! 🙂

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